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SURYA NAMASKAR Challenge 2020

Do 10 or more Surya Namaskars daily during Challenge duration to qualify and compete with fitness enthusiasts across the country.

5 Reasons you should do Surya Namaskar everyday

Eliminates Toxins |  Improves Blood Circulation  |  Triggers Weight loss  |  Improves Flexibility  |  Tones the Entire Body

AIM : Weightloss/toned body/improved flexibility/better energy levels

Things you Need: A Yoga Mat  |  Dedication

Number of Repetitions  You may start with 5 reps and extend it till 12 reps after a week

PACE: Hold every position to the count of 5 and breathe normally


  • Stretching before and after Surya Namaskar is important Doing it right after a meal isn't a great idea!
  • At least 2 hours gap has to be maintained.
  • Do not over stretch to get the pose perfect in the first time itself
  • Choose the best time to do it and stick on to the time until the challenge ends

All the best & stay Fit

Lots of Love!


FEB 19th 2019

-Confirmation Criteria


-Rules and Regulation

Do 10 or more Surya Namaskars everyday for 10 days and improve your physical ability.

-Application Fee

You can join Surya Namaskar Challenge at a very nominal fees. 

Category Registration Fees
for February Challenge users FREE INR 200
for all others INR 200

-Runners Info


  • Join Indian Runners Facebook Group @ www.Facebook.com/groups/indianrunners 
  • All registered participants will have to Login / Register on www.indianrunners.in for Data submisison. Once you create your account, please go to your registered email and confirm your account by clicking on confirmation email received. Login Now on to www.indianrunners.in and complete your profile. (it is mandatory to complete your profile with correct details, Medals will be couriered to that address only)
  • Email ID used in registration data must be used to submit activity data. if there is any variation in email ID, that has to be informed to us before the last date of data submission. Any communication after that will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  • 10 days will be given to submit the data.(Strictly No Exception allowed to this)
  • Run Daily with your App and Submit the data on your account data submisison portal or connect your Strava acocunt for automatic import of your public activities. (please note that any activity which is set to be private or friends will not be imported)
  • Complete the Challenge by doing 10 or more Surya Namaskars between challenge duration.


  • Leaderboard is prepared based on the event registration data and the activity details submitted under respective email login on IR account.
  • Runners are advised to check Leaderboard on regular basis so as to avoid any concern and issue in future.
  • Activity Data reflects on the leaderboard within 24 hours of submission in IR Passport Account.


  • E-Certificate can be downloaded online from My Certificates page under your login.


Timeline of Surya Namaskar Challenge 2020 is as follows.

Registration Start Date
Registration Closing Date
Event Start Date
20.02.2020 to 29.02.2020
Last Date of Data submission
within 10 days of activity date
Final Leaderboard10.03.2020
Certificate Publishing

Please Note: Activity Data can only be submitted within 10 days of actual activity date and strictly no exception to this will be permitted.

No Dispute related to Data Submisison dates will be entertained.


Stay Tuned