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Indian Walkathon

Walk for a minimum of 2 Kms everyday on 5 / 10 / 21 Days or more in Monthly Challenger series of 2019 to qualify for Challenger Medal and e-certificate and compete with Walkers across the country. 


DEC 01st 2019

-Confirmation Criteria

Everybody Can Run.

-Rules and Regulation

Choose your target from 3 special categories
  • Basic : 5 Days x 2 Kms / 5 Kms / 10 Kms
  • Advance : 10 Days x 2 Kms / 5 Kms / 10 Kms
  • Prime : 21 Days x 2 Kms / 5 Kms / 10 Kms

-Application Fee

Now you can join Monthly Running Challenge at very nominal fees. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Category Before 25thDEC 26th to 31stDEC01st Jan onwards
Running Challenge - Prime INR 300 INR 320INR 335
Running Challenge - AdvanceINR 200INR 210INR 220
Running Challenge - BasicFREE INR 200FREE INR 200-

-Runners Info


  • Add Indian Runners / Indian Marathon as a friend on your running App.
  • Login to your Indian Runners account.
  • Verify / Update Address.
  • Submit Data
  • Monitor Leaderboard on a weekly basis.
  • Post your activities on FB Group to inspire others.
  • Check event timeline of the event on www.indianrunners.in
  • All registered participants will have to Login / Register on www.indianrunners.in for Data submisison.
  • Once you create your account, please go to your registered email and confirm your account by clicking on confirmation email received.
  • Login Now on to www.indianrunners.in and complete your profile. (it is mandatory to complete your profile with correct details, Medals will be couriered to that address only)

IR Account (Free Lifetime Indian Runners Account to improve and monitor fitness)

  • It's a LIFETIME ACCOUNT for ALL the Challenges of Indian Runners.
  • All New users have to Create their Indian Runners (IR) lifetime account only once on www.indianrunners.in
  • Existing users can log in into their IR account.

Steps to Create an IR account

  • Go to www.indianrunners.in
  • Click on the Login button on the top right corner of home page: A window opens 
  • Click On New to Indian Runners? Register here, placed at the bottom of a pop-up window.
  • A new window opens, fill in your name, email id and mobile number, which must be the same as at the time of event registration.
  • Click on Register (It will send a confirmation email to your registered email id.).
  • Open your email inbox and check for an email from Indian Runners; Click on Confirm Account by opening the mail.
  • Once confirmed, It redirects you to the Indian runner's login window with the message Your Account has been Activated.
  • Log in with your registered email id and default password as mobile number. You can change the password once you Login. 
  • Fill all the required details correctly in your personal free lifetime Indian Runners account.


  • The leaderboard will be generated on the event start date. 
  • Challenge will be assigned to all the registered participants & you will get access to Leaderboard. 
  • The Challenge will only be assigned to the email ID & Mobile number registered at the time of Payment.
  • Registrations are non - transferable and non- cancellable.
  • Runners are advised to check Leaderboard on a regular basis so as to avoid any concern and issue in the future.
  • Activity reflects on the leaderboard within 48 hours of submission. (Manual or Strava connect)

How to Submit MY DATA?

There are two ways to submit activities in your IR account

  1. Automatic Import (Strava / Garmin / Apple Watch / TomTom / Fitbit)
  2. Manual Submission (All other Apps)

Automatic Import- STRAVA / Garmin / Apple watch / TomTom / Fitbit Users: 

  • STRAVA users can connect their respective accounts with their IR Account. Activities like Run/Ride will be imported automatically if the activity is marked as Public.

Steps to connect Strava

  • Login > Data Submission > Connect with STRAVA (Orange Color button below your name) > Fill Strava Login Details > Authorize Indian Runners. 
  • You are advised to monitor your submissions under Login > Data Submission > View/Edit Data Submission to make sure your Strava activities are getting imported correctly.
  • Steps to connect Garmin / Apple watch / TomTom / Fitbit Above users can pair their watches with Strava account and then Connect strava as per the above steps with an IR account. 
  • Note: Any activity which is set to be private or friends and the activity which is not Run/Ride will not be imported

Manual Submission: All other Apps 

  • All other Apps users such as Runkeeper / Runtastic / Nike+Run Club / Endomondo / Map My Run / Garmin / Tomtom / Samsung Health / MI fit band / Amazefit watch .. need to submit their data Manually as per the process.
  • Login > Data Submission > Submit activity section on www.indianrunners.in
  • Choose the Data type you need to submit. Fill in all the required details.
  • You just have to submit any ONE either LINK or SCREENSHOT of your Activity. 
  • Click on Save Data.


  • Email ID / Mobile Number used in registration data, must be used to login IR account. if there is any variation in email ID/ Mobile number, that must be reported to us within the first 7 days of a challenge starting. Any communication after that will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  • All details should be duly filled in your IR Account including Address.
  • The athletes have to choose sport as Run / Ride while recording the activity. Any other sport will not be considered.
  • It is mandatory to submit data on www.indianrunners.in. No Alternative to this.
  • Multiple registrations can be done only with all the details of each participant, if you use a single email id for all, NO access will be granted to other participants.
  • Data submission dates will remain active for up to 10 days from the actual run date. After that dates will be locked.
  • Every participant must check the Leaderboard once a week to ensure his/her data is reflecting there and all performance is duly recorded. no queries will be entertained under any circumstances at the end of the challenge related to name/data not reflecting on the leaderboard.
  • E-Certificate can be downloaded in the My Certificates section, as per the below-mentioned timeline. For any other question, you can seek help from FAQ section on www.indianrunners.in


  • E-Certificate can be downloaded from My Certificates page on or after the timeline date.


  • After successful completion of challenge as per the Leaderboard the beautiful Challenger Medal will be couriered to your registered address which is saved in My Address under your IR Login. Challenger Medals are couriered by BlueDart / FedEx Courier service and they send all status updates including tracking number and delivery update on your registered Mobile which is saved in My Profile under your IR Login.


  • A Super challenger title will be awarded to those participants who will qualify the 6 months challenge in the calendar year i.e. January 2019 - December 2019. They can also claim by paying the prescribed fees for a trophy online from their IR account after that,


  • A Super-Duper challenger title will be awarded to those participants who will qualify all the 12 monthly challenges in one calendar year i.e. from January 2019 - December 2019.  They can also claim by paying the prescribed fees for their super-duper trophy from their IR account after.


Timeline of Running Challenge is as follows.

Registration Start Date
Registration Closing Date
As soon as the Running Slots are full.
Event Start Date
1st of every month
Event Closing Date
Last date of every month
Last Date of Data submission
within 10 Days from actual activity date
Final Leaderboard Publishing10th of next month
Medal Display11th of next month
Medal Dispatch12th of next month
Certificate Publishing
12th of next month

Please Note: Activity Data can only be submitted within 10 days of actual activity date and strictly no exception to this will be permitted.

No Dispute related to Data Submisison dates will be entertained.


Pacers of Indian Marathon Monthly Challenge are the Inspiring Indian Runners Ambassadors.

you can connect with them on Facebook.com/Groups/IndianRunners

  • Prashant Choudhary (Marathoner / 21k Expert)
  • Prajna Pujary (Ultra Runner / 42k Expert)
  • Chinmay Sharma (IRONMAN / Fitness Expert)
  • Shweta Maurya (21k Expert)
  • Chetan Pujary (Ultra Runner / 50k Expert)
  • Shilpa Deshpande (Marathoner)
  • Devi Prashanth Shetty (Ultra Runner)
  • Mamoni Hazarika (Marathoner)
  • Dilip Sharma (Ultra Runner / 42k Expert)
  • Khushali Purohit (Marathoner)
  • Shekar Gaud (Ultra Human)
  • Saavi Kaur (10k Expert)
  • Raja Marut (Ultra Runner / 42k Expert)
  • Pramila Jain (Ultra Runner / Squat Girl)
  • Jayendra Soni (Marathoner)
  • Mrunal Inamdar (Ultra Runner)
  • Didar Singh Sokhi (Ultra Runner)
  • Himani Kuntal (10k Expert)
  • Sunil Gour (21k Expert)
  • Sanggita Shiledar (Marathoner)
  • Jenish Patel (Marathoner)
  • Sharan Mishra (21k Expert)
  • Rakesh Bhat (10k Expert)
  • Vrishali Agwane (Marathoner / Zumba Instructor)
  • Chakravarti Meghal Kumar (Ultra Runner / Celebrity Fitness Coach)